Reposit SA

is a wealth and asset manager with tailor made services for businesses, corporates and high net worth individuals.

We have two main business areas.
  • Institutional Wealth and Asset Management. We are implementing financial intelligence between PB and Commercial banking services for corporates.
  • Private Asset and Wealth Management. We offer multi family cocoon for UHNWI.
Our mission is long term sustainable asset and estate grow. 

Our commitment is to deliver excellence  to all our clients.

We provide a range of solutions to meet our client no matter their starting point or preferred investing approach.

Our areas

Digital assets

(digital market financial solutions, managing accounts, tokenisation and swiss based storage)

Private equity Markets

(Real estate, Commodities, Equity, off market funds)

Fixed Income

(Money markets, Government Bonds, Corporate credit and debt)

Active equities

(Global, regional, income and AMC (actively managed certificates))


(Reposit Structured products, Indexes, alternative credit and funding, hydride investments)

Quants solutions

(Trackers and Algorithms)

Reposit SA is based in Geneva, Switzerland under Swiss Financial regulator authority supervision.

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