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Reposits are investment products whose repayment value derives from the development of one or several underlying assets. They are created by wrapping together in a security format traditional investments, such as bond or deposits, with financial derivatives. A suitable product can be created for virtually every derivative strategy, market expectation (growing, sideways-moving, sinking) and risk profile (conservative, balanced, aggressive). Most widely used are products with full or partial capital protection, as well as those with optimum risk-yield ratios. Legally, structured products are obligations whose repayment is guaranteed by the issuer, making the credit rating of the debtor (issuer) one of the very important risk indicators.

Reposit SA

Reposit SA is a specialized independent Wealth Management company offering Reposits investments mandates and advisory services to its range of clients.

Investment approach

We believes that the success in Reposits operations is closely tied to a rigorous and systematic approach o the business. Specifically, it means for every investment case:
  • Delivering the right product
After carefully discussing the client’s needs, we offer a panel of ideas whose terms exactly fit to the investor’s risk and return objectives. Those ideas may either be based on REPOSIT SA recurrent in-house and proprietary ideas, or on the investor specific requirements. Our only objective is to deliver the right product which corresponds to the client’s needs.
  • Delivering the right pricing
  • Delivering the right support
Every employee of REPOSIT SA is keen to implement the three core values of the company: Entrepreneurship, Independence and Excellence. That means offering dedicated support as well as providing an active management of the client’s existing portfolio on a daily basis. Our staffs are hands on to provide real-time information as often as required.
  • Delivering products which perform
REPOSIT SA staffs have a full access to the most reputable investment bank research and constantly monitor financial markets from a geopolitical and macro-economic perspective. In this way, REPOSIT SA offers its clients a creative dimension to their diversification strategy as well as a clear advantage in their decisions. REPOSIT SA ’s philosophy is to go hand in hand with its clients during the entire investment process while at all times reflecting the three core values of the company which are Entrepreneurship, Independence and Excellence.


Independence Money matters are very personal. Being totally independent and free of conflicts of interest, our team identifies strongly with each client’s uniqueness. Dissociating from increasing standardization among investment management professionals, we aim to offer our clients with innovative and tailor made investment solutions, as opposed to push-sales to satisfy third party’s interest. Excellence We deliver what we promise-and add value that goes beyond what is expected. We surpass others through sustained performance and superior thinking. But Excellence also goes with trust, and our team provides services with the very highest standards of operational and regulatory efficiency and integrity. REPOSIT SA is affiliated to one of the leading Swiss Self Regulated Organisation (SRO), the Organisme d’Autoregulation des Gerants de Patrimoine (“OAR-G”). The mission of OAR-G consists in:
  • Contributing actively in the fight against money laundering (with regard to article 305 b of the Swiss Civil Code).
  • Fulfilling the tasks and obligations of an self-regulatory Organisation (SRO) as defined in the Swiss Anti Money Laundering Act (“AMLA”) published on October 17th, 1997.
As an active member of OAR-G, REPOSIT SA embraces its legal commitments which include:
  • fulfill compliance procedures and best practice as detailed in the AMLA
  • join the fight against money laundering
  • have its staff regularly trained to the latest regulation related to anti money laundering
In addition, REPOSIT SA follows the latest recommendations of the Swiss Banking Association related to Structured Products marketing documentation and of the Swiss Structured Product Association related to Structured Products classifications